Jungkook celebrates his 8th anniversary as a K-Pop idol


Today is a special date for Jungkook’s musical career, his fans celebrated his anniversary as a singer. ARMY recalled some of the best moments with Jungkook since his debut, the celebration in honor of his eighth anniversary in K-Pop took over social media.

On a day like today but 8 years ago, Jungkook was introduced to the public as one of the members who would debut under the name of BTS , a male group skilled in singing, rap and dancing from Big Hit Entertainment .

This date could not go unnoticed and ARMY commemorated this event by sharing memories about Jungkook’s history since debut and showing their admiration for this 23 year old boy.



Jeon Jungkook was born on September 1, 1997 in Busan, South Korea, although initially he had a great interest in sports, little by little his interest in music and his dream of becoming a singer emerged.

He auditioned to join the reality show Superstar K3 in 2011 and after the first round he was eliminated, but this did not prevent him from captivating the eyes and attracting the attention of some entertainment companies, since he could listen to RM’s rap he felt motivated to join Big Hit Entertainment.

Once he became a trainee for the company, he had to dedicate a lot of time to his dance practices, because although he had amazing vocal skills, he had not yet experimented in dance. His apprenticeship opened new doors for him as little by little he was getting closer to his debut dream.

Jungkook debuted in 2013 alongside his fellow BTS members and currently also enjoys great individual popularity through his solo songs and thanks to his charisma.

We also recently told you that RM showed you a glimpse of the creative process for songwriting.


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