Jungkook: BTS’s cutest and funniest moments


Jungkook at his young age has become world famous, but he continues to be funny, here are some moments.

At just 23 years old, Jungkook has managed to become one of the most famous K-Pop artists, of course like the rest of his peers, but it has been his successes, also known as Golden Maknae, that has done it. stand out from all.

And is that despite his achievements, successes and millions of fans around the world, young Jeon Jung Kook continues to enchant his followers with quite charismatic moments.

For this reason, in Somagnews we gave ourselves the task of finding out the most beautiful and fun moments of the BTS dancer, Jongkook.

Jungkook thus has fun

The BTS rapper and dancer is one of the youngest members of the band, but he has done numerous collaborations with other members of the band and is quite popular.

Jungkook, in addition to singing, modeling and dancing, is a very enthusiastic boy and loves to play and watch anime, he joined the musical training young, even recently graduated.

Still, the Golden Maknae has left us many off-screen moments that are extremely fun and adorable to watch. These are some of his best funny moments that won our hearts.

It is worth mentioning that Jungkook was one of the most in-demand trainees who were approached by seven entertainment companies after being eliminated from a singing show. But don’t let his age and youth fool you.

As he could be the youngest member of BTS, his skills and experience have made him one of the most skilled members of the group, in fact his experience has molded and sculpted him into a great singer who always wins our hearts, occupying the center of the stage for numerous songs.

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