Jungkook BTS Reaps Praise After His Pet Doberman Dog Appears on ‘IN THE SOOP BTS’


The Golden Maknae of BTS has received praise from fans and netizens after his doberman pet dog appeared on the small screen.


eJungkook’s pet named Jeon Bam is getting attention because it has a different appearance from the doberman in general. Usually, dobermans have pointed ears and a short tail.

But the fact is that dobermans are born with ears and tail like Jeon Bam. Jungkook gets praise for not doing the tail and ear trimming that is common for baby dobermans which makes this appearance natural for this breed.

Jungkook also paid attention to the placement of furniture around Jeon Bam so that his pet dog wouldn’t get hurt because of the tight position of the furniture.

Have you watched the first episode of ‘IN THE SOOP BTS‘ on UNIVERSE which aired on October 15, 2021?


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