Jungkook (BTS) goes viral by sharing a cooking recipe?


Bung’s Jungkook is back in the spotlight. The boys of the world-famous BTS group will never cease to surprise us, besides being wild beasts on stage, and always surprising with their songs, their choreographies, and their gift to play instruments, now their hand for the kitchen has come to light , especially Jungkook’s. The artist could have been a renowned chef if he had not opted for music.

The idol has many secrets to prepare perfect dishes, and he has demonstrated it in one of the episodes of the reality show of the Korean group ‘BTS Run’, which is being broadcast on the Korean television channel JTBC. In the video, Jungkook appears very proud after showing his partner in group V, the best recipe to prepare a perfect ramen.

Fans of the group already know that ramen is one of the artist’s favorite foods, since very young he has always prepared it, so after so many years he has managed to master the perfect technique to perform it correctly, and he has explained it in his video: “you should always put the pasta first and at the beginning you should not put a lid on the pot,” he tells Taehyung in the video that he has already turned back.


The ramen has many possibilities of preparation, in the case of the BTS artist, Jungkook opted to prepare it with meat, and for all those who want to cook a ramen like yours, you can see it through the video of the group’s reality.


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