Jungkook broke Twitter record with Never Not’s cover


While the septet breaks records with Dynamite, Bangtan Boys Jungkook and V made history on Twitter.

Can we crown BTS members Jungkook and V as the kings of SNS? Taekook has been in the spotlight for numerous reasons this year.

From JK’s Still With You and Your Eyes Tell taking ARMY by storm to Taehyung’s stunning new look seen in Dynamite’s music video, the two Bangtan Boys have been attracting ARMY’s attention for months this year.


Now, Taekook fans have more reason to celebrate, as the two singers’ tweets have surpassed 3 million likes on Twitter.

Jungkook and BTS’s V’s new achievement

Jungkook made history when ARMY members noticed that the singer’s tweet covering Never Not surpassed 3 million likes over the weekend. The tweet was posted on May 2 where the singer was seen sitting on his bed singing the song originally sung by Lauv.


The one-minute, 36-second video garnered more than 1 million views on Twitter within 10 minutes of its release. In less than four months, the tweet has received more than 3 million likes and 32.2 million views, at the time of the report.

Taehyung soon followed in Kookie’s footsteps. The singer’s recent “Hi Army” selca, flaunting his new hairstyle, also registered 3 million likes. The milestone was achieved in just eight days. Taehyung Stan’s pages pointed out that it is the fastest 3 million likes of an Asian or any idol.


The Bangtan Boys have broken records as a group and individually almost every week this year, with the latest courtesy of their recent release Dynamite. As ARMY celebrates the K-Pop boy group’s accomplishments on YouTube, iTunes, and Spotify with the track in English, Twitter logs crept in like a sweet surprise. Do you think they will continue to break records?

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