Jungkook breaks new record with “My Time” on iTunes!


ARMY celebrates Jungkook’s new iTunes record with their musical single “My Time” One more triumph for BTS!

BTS has positioned themselves as one of the most popular and successful groups of the moment, and although they have a great musical repertoire, one of their most recent and most commented work has been their album “Map of the Soul: 7”.

A record work in which we have been able to see the talent of each of the boys of this South Korean band, and this morning the ARMY is celebrating a new record for Jungkook with his musical single “My Time”, which has managed to achieve a new triumph on iTunes.


“My Time” has become one of the most successful songs on “Map of the Soul: 7”, managing to stay at number 1 among the music charts of several countries. A single that also reflects the purest emotions of its interpreter.

Jungkook breaks new record with “My Time”!

Let’s remember that the lyrics of this song portray part of Jungkook’s private life, who mentioned that her inspiration in this song was the relationship with her family and the time she had to dedicate to her artistic career.

A profession that not only forced him to mature from an early age, but also led him to make various sacrifices to achieve his dream, where the time spent with his family and loved ones was greatly reduced.

Number 1 in 95 countries!

Apparently Jungkook’s sacrifices have been worth it, because thanks to his talent and the constant support of the ARMY, his song “My Time” has managed to break a new record, positioning itself in the first position of the chart of 95 countries in the famous music platform. iTunes.

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As expected, this new triumph for the boys of BTS has managed to cause a great uproar among the ARMY and social networks, where we have seen that several of their fans congratulate the great Jungkook for this new record.

What has been the best Jungkook song for you?


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