Jungkook breaks historical record on Twitter with 5 of his posts


Every time the youngest member of BTS interacts with his fans the numbers he generates are epic. Jungkook of BTS is crowned as i dol more likes in its post multiple online.

The boys of BTS are a great global phenomenon, with their inspiring music they have reached the hearts of millions of followers who feel identified with their struggle to overcome adversity and achieve their dreams.


Each update, publication or interaction of the 7 guys from the company Big Hit Entertainment has a great impact on social networks, each post manages to get an incredible number of reactions from ARMY that demonstrate their love and affection.

Jungkook’s power is undeniable, the boy born on September 1, 1997 in the city of Busan , South Korea, in addition to being talented, he has the full support of his faithful retinue of fans who admire him and are always on the lookout for his activities.


Whether practicing his boxing punches , with a cover of a track by the American singer Lauv , with a selfie or a greeting, Jungkook is the idol with the highest number of likes, retweets and comments on multiple platforms on the Internet.


The BTS singer has broken his own record multiple times, causing him to crown himself as the re and the likes. The young Bangtan Boys singer is the only artist currently to quickly hit 2 million likes in 5 different posts on BTS’s Twitter account . WOW.

In addition, Jungkook managed to obtain 30 million reproductions in the video where he dances and sings the Billie Eilish song ‘Bad Guy’, the post was made on June 9, 2019 , in the description the idol wrote the iconic: ‘ Duh ‘.


Recently the Chiron publishing house announced that they would soon launch the book ‘Map of the Soul: 7, Persona, Sombra y Ego’ inspired by the musical work of BTS, this text is written by Dr. Murray Stein in collaboration with Steven Buser and Leonard Cruz.


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