Jungkook breaks his own record on Spotify with Euphoria


BTS music continues to gain popularity on Spotify and Jungkook surpassed its own number of views. The song performed by Jungkook reached a surprising number of plays .

BTS fans have achieved a new achievement for their favorite idol group, particularly Jungkook, who today reached a staggering number on Spotify.

The Euphoria song , performed by Jungkook , was released during 2018 as part of the album Love Yourself: Answer , making it a fan favorite.

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In addition, the live performance of this tune added extra points to the performance as it was an emotional moment starring Jungkook while surrounded by his fans.

With such a promising setting, Euphoria recently reached 150 million views on Spotify , bringing great joy to fans who constantly show their support for BTS’s music .


With this achievement, Jungkook became the first idol to reach this number of streams, so ARMY did not hesitate to celebrate this important event.


BTS fans used this opportunity to remember some of their favorite moments alongside Euphoria and demonstrate their admiration for Jungkook using the hashtag #Euphoria150M.

Recently, Jungkook became a fashion icon in Japan and gave way to a new trend due to a pair of boots, find out what it is about by clicking here .

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