Jungkook breaks a new record on his birthday


JungkookDay, the BTS idol breaks a new record by registering the most number of birthday projects. The maknae of the K-pop group is celebrating, in South Korea it is already September 1, ARMY from all over the world celebrate the day the boy from Busan was born, the BTS idol is turning 23 years old, (24 in Korean age) and despite being so young he has fulfilled big dreams alongside his classmates.

Through social networks, ARMY has shared various messages of love and congratulations on Jungkook’s birthday, since the early hours of midnight in Korea, fans made a worldwide trend with the hashtag #JungkookDay, the so-called Golden Maknae is receiving everything love possible even broke a record for the most birthday projects.

This year, fanbases organized around 500 ways to celebrate the K-pop idol, including advertisements in subway stations, LED screens, 3D projections, banners that adore the streets of Seoul, even there was talk of small planes that would fly over the sky of New York to display a huge birthday sign.

Jungkook also managed to have more than 360 coffee shops organize events for their day, in South Korea it is common for fans to gather at these places to drink coffee or desserts with K-pop themes, in this case, they receive banners and decorative glasses with the image of the singer and despite the pandemic the meetings managed to take place.

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The Bangtan maknae would also receive projects from other parts of the world, apparently in France there was a truck that traveled the streets in front of the Eiffel Tower with a sign of the idol, in London they painted a mural to celebrate his day and although in his native country most of the gifts are concentrated, ARMY wants to show you their love from everywhere.


The fandom has also shared their favorite videos and photos of the idol, as well as the moments they have lived with Jungkook from the pre-debut era to 2020, despite being so young he has been able to achieve big dreams and hope that he can continue fulfilling new ones. goals in the future.


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