Jungkook becomes his own stylist and changes his look


Bangtan’s minor vocalist Sonyeondan surprised and fell in love with his fans with a new shade of hair. Jungkook showed another of his hidden talents, the BTS member radically changed his look, what color did he paint his hair?

Over the years, Jungkook modified his style and appearance, becoming a fashion icon who showed his personality with urban, risky and memorable outfits, both on and off stage.

On different occasions, the idol of Big Hit Entertainment commented that his scalp was quite delicate, he used baby products and essences without many chemicals to take care of it, he revealed that in the comebacks he preferred to make small changes of look , that was the reason for his iconic hair black or brown.

Because of its capillary sensitivity, Golden Maknae of BTS experimented with his hair and presented styles that did not require bleaching, let his hair grow, this look would become one of the favorite ARMY.

This 2021, Jungkook surprised the fans with a blonde tone, an event that shocked the public, since he had never worn that tone in all his hair , now the K-pop idol showed that all colors suit him.


Through the official account of BTS on the platform Twitter, Jungkook published a selfie in the mirror in a room lit trials, which highlighted more image was his hair color blue . OMG!

The hue combined perfectly with a casual and relaxed ensemble, perfect for a day full of activities. In the description, the interpreter of ‘Begin’ confessed that he painted his hair himself , officially we will be able to add to Jungkook’s list of skills that of a stylist.

The selca of the Golden Maknae of BTS accumulated over 2 million likes, tweets cited 248,000, 746,000 retweets and interactions of thousands of Internet users who positioned themselves to the idol in trends.

This is the first time that Jungkook shows such a radical change of look , in addition to blonde hair, he had never worn his hair of a specific color, maybe he wore locks, but nothing like blue hair . What did you think of the BTS member’s new style ?

ARMY !, Learn more about BTS’s Golden Maknae in… Why does Jungkook hardly change the color of his hair ?, this is the surprising reason.


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