Jungkook became the most watched K-pop idol


Jungkook from South Korean group BTS is the first K-pop idol to achieve this important achievement.

The king of fancams, Jungkook has 200 fancams with over 1 million views, becoming the first idol to reach this milestone! Jungkook demonstrates the power of his incredible stage presence by eliciting opinions from both locals and fans, who have been enthralled by his acting skills.

Jungkook earns his title of “Fancam King” with this incredible record milestone! Furthermore, Jungkook was the Korean celebrity with the most active fans in China on the release days of Dynamite MV and Dynamite MV B-Side.

Jungkook was ranked No. 1 in the daily ranking of the AIMAN China index (August 21, 2020) and (August 24, 2020) of the list of the most active fans of Korean artists in China.


It is very important to note that Jungkook tops the list on the Dynamite MV Comeback date, proving his power as a standout with his abilities.

BTS’s Jungkook gains more popularity

Since the premiere of Dynamite, Golden Maknae has become even more popular on social media, as not only ARMY continues to fall in love with the 22-year-old idol, but the rest of the public has also fallen for the beauty and talent of BangTan. Boy.


Meanwhile, the k-pop group continues to prepare their next new album that took ARMY by surprise, since Map Of The Soul: 7 was released in early 2020, and although they have not yet had a promotional tour of that album, in a few weeks they will release a lot of new music.

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Therefore, fans are waiting for the exact moment when BangTan boys reveal the release date. But for now, they will continue to support not only Jungkook to go viral and trending on the internet, but the entire septet. Do you think Kookie deserves to be named the “king of the fancam”?


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