Jungkook and V showed the special bond between them


BTS members V and Jungkook had a heartfelt conversation during In the SOOP BTS, Episode 6 about their friendship, ARMY loves Taekook!

While ARMY is still in awe of their BTS idols, for their heartwarming and powerful speech at the recently held 75th United Nations General Assembly, many jumped on In the SOOP BTS ver. Ep 6 to calm your emotions with some laughs.

However, the episode caught our attention from the beginning by putting the focus on Taekook’s bromance.

It all started after BTS’s dinner when Jimin told Jungkook that the houseboat where the latter is staying had a water leak due to the rain and that he should move his luggage before it gets wet.

However, it was all a strategy invented by ChimChim at the urging of V, who wanted to spend time with the youngest member of BTS but found it uncomfortable to ask him directly.

Baby Mochi joked that it was a date night for them, while Jin also came to tease them.

V and Jungkook talked about the great closeness they once had

When Jungkook asked his hyung why they were suddenly having a drink and eating ham together inside the tarp, Taehyung revealed, “You called me earlier, saying you wanted to have a drink with me. You called to have a drink with me. Do you remember that? Come to think of it, I don’t think I had a good drink with you. So I wanted to take this opportunity to drink and talk. ”

Going down memory lane, Kookie joked about how they were berated together when they were trainees, while TaeTae referred to them as “partners in crime” who shared a special bond in their youth.

Jungkook expressed, “Before he was the easiest person to talk to, but when we started spending time alone, there was a side to things that started to feel a bit awkward with V. He used to joke all the time, but now he’s more reserved. When He came to me for the first time, we sorted out a lot of that. I also thought about how I’ve had heart-to-heart conversations with everyone else except V. ”


“I’m glad you planned this time together. After that, although things are not exactly the way they were when we were younger, we still feel that some things have returned to the way they used to be, “confessed the Golden Maknae.

Also, Jungkook credited his hyung V for helping him come out of his shell when he joined as a trainee, as they had similar personalities. Taehyung added how he tried to get Kookie to speak to him casually during his trainee days, but Jungkook stated that if he spoke casually with V and Jimin, he would have fought with them a lot.

TaeTae chimed in saying that they could have gone out more and that things could have been different. In the background, Jin and Jimin were playing baseball and they apologized to Taekook for interrupting their serious conversation.

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Jungkook then asked V what has been on his mind these days, to which he confessed that he thinks he is not capable of fulfilling ARMY and receiving her love after promotions hit him.

It was also the reason why he was constantly showing up on the Weverse to make sure he’s someone you love. However, the downside to Taehyung is that it’s temporary and while it’s nice to talk and do something with ARMY, once he’s in his room, it feels empty.

Being sure that ARMY loves him is the reason V urgently wants to perform at a concert. Kookie assured him that V has been doing great these days and that even if it’s temporary, he’s at least receiving some kind of comfort.

“I consider all these moments to be an opportunity. I stay patient and until I see them, I try not to let any moment go to waste and work on improving myself so that I can become a better me before I should think about it also from this point of view. view”.


“If you really love to be loved, I think it would be good to show those who love you how much you have changed. But I think you’re doing well, “Jungkook mused as V admitted it was good advice. Taekook finally made a toast to those who love them, ARMY! Do you think Jungkook and V will regain the close friendship they had a few years ago? ?


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