Jungkook and V share ideas for BTS’s upcoming comeback


The boys of BTS have very interesting plans for the next music release, Jungkook and V discuss the details for the music video.

The members of BTS have given us pleasant surprises throughout the year, their musical releases were a success, but there is still more to see from these idols, so Jungkook and Taehyung shared with the fans some of the ideas they have for their next comeback.

Although the excitement for Dynamite remains, ARMYs around the world know that there will be more music premieres for them in the coming months, but some members of Bangtan Sonyeondan let us take a look at their plans for the group’s next project.

V and Jungkook met with some of their staff members to come up with new ideas for what they will show on their next comeback, but luckily for the fans, this meeting took place during a broadcast on BANGTAN TV’s YouTube channel.

While meeting for this meeting, each said how they viewed the music video for BTS’s next song, indicating that it will be an emotional tune due to the ideas they contributed.

First, Taehyung proposed that it would be a good idea for the members to travel to Jeju Island to film the MV, but his plans required at least 11 days of work on this site, so the golden maknae told him that he would have to be done. In charge of organizing the activities and even bringing the equipment to make that possible.

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What these guys have in mind for the video for their new song is to show a contrast between two scenarios, one of them belongs to the past, when they could perform in front of fans and meet at various events. The second scenario would show the present, revealing the feeling of emptiness and sadness due to social distancing.

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