Jungkook and this girl will wish you interaction


Jungkook shows his sweetness when he meets BTS fans, but this girl was very lucky. Attending a fansign with your favorite idol group is one of the experiences that most K-Pop fans wish they had. Although not everyone has the opportunity to visit these types of events, Jungkook makes sure to show her affection to those she meets through these fan meetings.

After becoming a fan of BTS, you have probably imagined what it would be like to meet the members of the idol group. But something that helps you visualize this scenario with greater certainty are the videos of fansigns where you know the experience of others.

One of the idols who has shown his unique character in this type of event is Jungkook, since BTS’s maknae does not hesitate to show his affection to the fans, so he has been captured being an extremely kind and sweet person with the followers. by BTS.

Despite this, there are some people who are even more fortunate than others in the fansigns, that was the case of a girl who in addition to being very close to Jungkook, the idol intertwined the fingers of his hands with hers. As they spoke, he kept his gaze in contact with the girl’s, but when she became a bit shy and turned to the side, Jungkook did the same.

Although they could only chat for a short time, Jungkook clapped his palm with the girl’s in goodbye, but instead of instantly releasing it, he held it as the fan moved to meet another BTS member. AWW

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