Jungkook and RM will have their forest near the Han River


Namjoon and Jungkook of BTS will have a natural space completely dedicated to them, the forest will bear their name, and fans of the K-pop band will be able to visit the place shortly.

The boys of BTS are distinguished by using their voice of international stars to speak about important social problems, they are the official image of campaigns that promote self-love and hope in dark times.

Recently rappers and singers reaffirmed their position as youth idols with their emotional speech at the United Nations General Assembly, carrying a message of overcoming.

The idols of the Bangtan Boys for their impact on youth and for their dedication as artists will be recognized with a unique and very special distinction, as an organization dedicated to the environment created a special place for Namjoon and Jungkook.


The Korean Federation for Environmental Movements, better known by its acronym KFEM, is one of the Korean institutions most recognized for its work protecting the environment and preserving the rights of natural spaces.

The Seoul-based KFEM reported that after much preparation, the forests dedicated to RM and BTS Jungkook are almost ready, these ecosystems will be next to the Han River, which runs through the entire capital of South Korea.

Within the forests dedicated to idols there will be many trees, plants and other vegetation so that visitors can be in contact with their most natural side and enjoy the fresh air that the place will offer.

KFEM’s message on their social networks was:

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We are preparing the RM Forest and Jungkook Forest. Look forward to the RM and Jungkook places that will become holy places for fans around the world

The Korean Federation for Environmental Movements said the land with the RM and Jungkook names will open their facilities to the curious, nature lovers and ARMY once the project is completed.

Some time ago Kim Namjoon talked about his love for nature in his group’s series ‘IN THE SOOP’, the idol has a great appreciation for plants, especially a cute little bonsai.


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