Jungkook and Jin share a special selfie without a shirt


Jungkook’s funny appearance on Jin’s selfies brought great excitement to his fans. BTS’s account was updated with some photos of Jin and Jungkook that sparked the excitement of their fans.

The members of BTS have not lost contact with their followers through their different social networks , bringing joy to those who miss seeing them during promotions and their activities in various shows.

But recently shared photos caught ARMY by surprise . The last post account BTS on Twitter includes three images , the first of it we see a selfie of Jin , but the following two show this idol hugging another person to the time that reveals his bare skin.

Jin was in charge of explaining the moment and accompanied the images with the following description:

Jungkookie who interrupts while someone is taking photos and Seokjinnie who uploads them as they are.

The fun moment between these idols provided a good topic of conversation for ARMY , who made Jungkook and Jinkook some of the most talked about topics on Twitter worldwide.


On the other hand, V’s mixtape could be released sooner than you think, this idol has spoken repeatedly about the preparation of different songs, but recently revealed a first preview of this production .

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