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Jungkook and Jessi would be the perfect match for a collaboration


One of South Korea’s best-known rappers spoke about BTS’s maknae and their plans in music.

BTS’s Jungkook and Jessi could surprise the K-pop industry with a collaboration. The rapper confessed her love for the maknae and discussed the possibilities of carrying out a project with the maknae. Can you imagine what it would be like to see them together?

The popularity of the K-pop group continues to rise and today they have become a benchmark for some industry figures who recognize their talent and success. Jessi is one of the most iconic solo artists, plus she’s very straightforward and sincere . Bangtan is no stranger to collaborations and it looks like she could be Jungkook’s next project .

With the possible release of his mixtape, Jungkook could surprise ARMY with his role as producer and composer of his own solo, plus Jessi could add the female voice . In a recent interview, the rapper assured that she would like to collaborate with the group’s maknae and also confessed that it is her celebrity crush.

Jessi admitted that Jungkook has a very manly image now, rather than being her ideal type, she considers him a very handsome boy and said that he got shy. About his music and a possible project between the two, she said that she was a world superstar and she saw it as far away.


Jessi is characterized by her hip-hop concept and the urban scene, a style that BTS had in its early days in K-pop so it would not be unusual for Jungkook to join her in a collaborative single.

Also, the idol is a great dancer and a song with Jessi would be the perfect combination of choreography, rap, and catchy beats. Fate could be an omen for this to happen, as the rapper shared that in the past she filmed a commercial with BTS, but back then they were very young and had children’s faces.

ARMY was excited about the possible collaboration and thanked Jessi’s compliments on the maknae, they also supported the idea of ​​the two of them singing together. Jessi He has already done several exciting performances with artists like MAMAMOO’s Hwasa and GOT7’s Jackson Wang, and their voices managed to blend seamlessly in addition to dance.

The Bangtan idol not only has a great talent for music, he has also shown his facet as a direct, but especially as a jealous boyfriend . Discover Jungkook’s personality in love.



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