Jungkook admits how Namjoon inspired his career


Jungkook shows his admiration for Namjoon and reveals how he inspired him to be an idol. The boys of BTS continue with the promotions of “Dynamite”, this time they were the special guests of the radio show Bae Chulsoo’s Music Camp, one of the most famous in South Korea, as the host decided to celebrate his achievement on Billboard. The boys talked about their latest hits and also told you some anecdotes.

Through the YouTube platform, Bae Chulsoo’s Music Camp broadcast the interview live to BTS, the BigHit group was invited by the veteran singer who has led the program for 30 years, since 1990. Their first single in English allowed them to reach new goals in your career, which started with big dreams that you are fulfilling today.

During one of Jungkook’s speeches, the idol decided to tell the story between him and Namjoon, as the Bangtan member represents more than a leader in his life. Being the Golden Maknae, Kookie has had a lot to learn from everyone else, being the youngest allows him to gain knowledge from others and be guided by them.


Jungkook confessed that Namjoon represents not only his older brother, but considers him a star. The idol explained that during his student days he did not have the same interest in music as he does now, despite knowing several singers and having the desire to be like them, until he met RM through some videos.

The singer explained that he found clips of RM, who showed his talents as a rapper at the time, also discovered that BigHit’s CEO, Bang Si-hyuk, was leading the Star Audition program and that was how he chose the company to be the place where he would look. her dreams as a K-pop idol.

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Shortly after, Jungkook managed to join the company and be a trainee, where he met others and despite his insecurities, he confesses that he had not trained before, but little by little with the teachings of others and time managed to find fun In what he does, he now knows ARMY and the music transformed him into the boy he is now.

Jungkook also decided to praise Namjoon’s physical attractiveness, because during the interview the idol presumed that the leader has been exercising and to prove it, he began to massage the muscles of his arms. LOL

Jungkook was recently cast as a K-pop ACE, as his abilities break any fan expectations.


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