Jung Ho-yeon Joins The Weeknd in New Song Teaser


The Weeknd excited everyone by seeing his upcoming video, but a brief overview of the clip shared shows Jeong Hoeyong’s participation as an actress in the clip, here are all the details.

After participating in the successful Netflix drama “The Squid Game”, the model, and now the actress, has not stopped attracting attention. First she did it with her character in the series, then attended several gala events and awards with big stars, or even received recognition for her talent.

But it seems that Jung Hoeyong’s schedule has been very tight, because although he continues to act as a model and balance his time, he even starred in a new music video of a music star.

The Weeknd will soon release a new video and, although there are not so many details about it yet, he excited fans with a small preview where we see this Korean actress.

Jung Hyun and weekend together in a music video

The singer has been active on his social networks, and the latest update on his profile is a mysterious photo that fills us with curiosity about what we will see in his next release. The image shows us a glimpse of the interior of the elevator, but the most interesting are the details of the frame.

Inside the elevator, Jung Hoeyeon and The Weeknd are holding hands while Jung Hoeyeon is smiling broadly, but outside someone is about to enter, holding the doors tightly with their hands.


In the description of the published image, the singer posted only one sentence, which brings us to the decoding when the clip is released. The artist wrote:

Out of time: Tuesday

Therefore, we need to wait just a few days to find out more about what The Weeknd has prepared for the next musical premiere, where we will see him together with the actress from The Squid Game.

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