Jung Hae In possibly in new K-Drama ‘Trees Die on Their Feet’


Jung Hae In is in talks, because he could return in a new K-drama and we cannot wait for this result, without a doubt we liked him a lot in his work in the recent drama Snowdrop, in which he participated alongside the actress and singer Jisoo from BLACKPINK.

Everything points to going well in the career of this young actor, because without a doubt he has known how to make us fall in love in all his works, because he knows very well how to perform his roles and steal our hearts, from a boy in love with his older sister’s best friend even a college student.

We have seen Jung Hae In in a variety of dramas, because although you are such a fan of Korean series, you probably know who we are talking about, surely you saw him in the drama: ‘Under the rain’ or in the drama ‘Snowdrop ‘ Well, it’s been on everyone’s lips.


Maybe you know what we are talking about, if not yet, don’t worry, here we tell you.

Hae In plays Im Soo Ho, a young graduate student at a prestigious Korean university, who appears in a girl’s dorm covered in blood. He is helped by Eun Young Cho, (BLACKPINK’s Jisoo), a lovable and cheerful student, who is in charge of helping him with his injuries and finding a hiding place for him to keep him safe.

This drama raised a bit of controversy in South Korea, because it exaggerates the political actions of the South Korean country in the 80’s and it was also commented that it seemed to distort history and sell the country for money.

The first season of ‘Snowdrop’ has 16 episodes with a duration of more than an hour per chapter.


FNC Entertainment revealed that renowned Korean actor Jung Hae In has received a new job proposal and it is about him joining the cast of the drama ‘Trees Die on Their Feet Their Feet although Jung Hae In is expected to make a decision. .

Although the leading man of ‘Snowdrop’ has been in recurring talks, he still hasn’t come to a decision, we will still be happy with whatever decision our dear Jung Hae In makes.

This drama has caught everyone’s attention, as it tells the story of a North Korean citizen, who will be in charge of defecting and fulfilling all the wishes of his grandmother. Kang Ha Neul is also being considered to be a part of this film.

We certainly can’t wait to be updated with the new Jung Hae In, we like him so much that we would love to see him anywhere.