June begins with the predictions of the stars


Anew month is about to begin, so you should prepare to start June in the best way, as there will be an end of the lunar cycle that could affect you, or perhaps not. The stars have prepared for you the best predictions of your zodiac sign.

Find out what could happen this week, how you can avoid it and the tips they give you to survive the first week of the month. Read your weekly horoscope and enjoy life and the universe.


Give yourself time this month for your loved ones, start June with the best disposition with the people who care about you. You will start the month with your confused feelings and mind, you will feel stressed, but try not to think about the negative. Some people can surround you with negative energy, you better stay away from them. You and your crush will make an important decision about their feelings.


You will feel a little lost about your way of being, but these days take the opportunity to decide what you want in life. Things with your crush will get a little cold. You are afraid of the future and more in the situation of the world, but you must trust that everything will turn out well. You will also be more sensitive than normal.


This week you will feel very sure of yourself, share what you want to do and thus you will receive the support of your loved ones. If you are in a bad mood, do not take it out on others or shut yourself in your world, it is not good to get bitter. Don’t hold back your feelings anymore, that will hurt you, be honest.


You have to be clearer with your feelings and your mind, sometimes balance helps you to cope better with things. Learn to mature, sometimes there are things you should already take more seriously. You should not deny help to others, if a friend needs you, be kind.


People often take advantage of you, stop being so nice and feel guilty about everything, learn to be strong and say no. You have to stop seeing everything bad in what they say or happen in your life, sometimes things are not about you or as bad as you think. Don’t listen to the criticism that others have about you


You will start the month in the best way, because you will finish several of your earrings, so your days will be free from any worry and stress. Things with your crush will turn out better than you expected and little by little it will correspond to you. You and your best friend will experience a special bond these days.

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This week you will be a little unbearable, try to breathe and count to 10 to relax a little, it is not good to be so arrogant. Don’t take things too seriously either, people don’t always try to hurt you. If you doubt your crush, it is best to speak the truth and clarify what happens between you. Your emotions will be a roller coaster.


This week you will discover many things about yourself, that will help you to gradually change your routine. You will feel tired, but it will only be temporary. Your crush will give you the boost you need to get ahead these days. You have to learn to trust yourself more and finish what you start.


You will be very worried, but neglect, nothing bad will happen, it is only because the moon and its cycle will affect your sign. Things with your crush will be a little tense, try to give yourself some time. Say goodbye to toxic friendships. You must learn to control yourself, if you feel bad, avoid arguing with people and taking revenge on them.


You will be closer to your family, take advantage of the days of quarantine to strengthen their ties. Things with your crush are going a little fast and that could cause confusion, try to understand each other. You will be very receptive, which will allow you to advise others about life.


La escuela o el home office te han estresado, pero estás segura de querer lo que haces para tener un mejor futuro. El fin del ciclo lunar te favorecerá, por lo que debes dejar que las cosas pasen solas, ya sea con tu crush, amistades o en la vida. Tendrás una pequeña racha de mala suerte.


Dudarás de muchas cosas esta semana, es mejor que te des un tiempo para relajarte y no exagerar nada, antes de tomar decisiones impulsivas. Alguien te será muy sincero y podría afectarte de un modo negativo, pero debes afrontar las cosas como son. No hagas casos a los chismes, no todo lo que escuchas es verdad.


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