July 16 Wordle 392 Response

How to Play Wordle Hints for Wordle 392 from July 16, 2022 Answer for Wordle 392 dated July 16, 2022
Wordle is an easy—to-learn word puzzle game. This simple game went viral on many social networks in early 2022, but it remains quite popular in the English-speaking world. If someone hasn’t tried it yet, here’s a little help for any new player.

How to Play Wordle

Although there are many copycats, clones, and even the official Wordle board game, there is only one original. Wordle is currently hosted on the New York Times Games website, where it has been since the newspaper acquired it earlier this year. All the hints and rules in the article will be about this version; other Wordles will have different answers and may even have different rules. Here’s how to play:
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Go to the desired site and select the initial word. It should consist of five letters, be a real English word and should have a good distribution of letters in Wordle puzzles. Enter the selected initial word on the site and press Enter. This will fill the top row of the 5×6 grid on the site, and then the letters will change color. The colors will give the players some clues as to the real answer.
The green letters are correct and in the right place in the word. The gray letters are incorrect and will not be displayed in the final answer. Any letter that turns yellow is correct, but in the wrong place in the word.
Using these hints, players must continue to enter new words into the grid and receive new colored hints until they guess the word of the day or finish their six attempts. There is only one Wordle per day, so players will have to wait until midnight for the next puzzle to unfold.
Tips for Wordle 392 on July 16, 2022
If someone is looking for clues to the word of the day without giving an answer, check below.
Today’s Wordle is a five—letter word starting with the letter R. This word is an adjective. It describes places that are large. This word contains one pair of repeating letters. It contains at least one letter O. This is a five-letter word ending in Y.
Answer for Wordle 392 dated July 16, 2022
Need a full spoiler? Check under this image the answer to the word of the day Wordle from July 16.
The answer to the puzzle Wordle 392: SPACIOUS.
Wordle is available for any browser.