Julio’s girlfriend (†) said: he also dated other women


At the end of September, sad news appeared in the American music world: at the age of only 59, the rapper “Gangsta’s Paradise” Coolio died. But not only the career of the hip-hop legend was very intense — repeated rumors about his personal life and, above all, about infidelities in relationships. Now these rumors have been confirmed by Coolio’s longtime partner Mimi Ivy.

After the death of her beloved friend, Mimi openly told Gmail about the relationship between them for about ten years — and did not hide that the musician was also interested in other women. “He was who he was,” she insisted, adding: “When he was dating other women, I knew about it. There is nothing that this man has ever hidden from me.” These two would talk about everything and have no secrets from each other.

Getting to know other women probably didn’t hurt Coolio and Mimi’s love. The blonde found only positive words for the rapper. “He was an eccentric, storyteller,” Mimi described her late friend, and also enthusiastically added: “He loved life. He loved his family, his career and loved making people smile.”


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