Julien Tanti excited after the problem game!


In yesterday’s episode, Marseille’s Julien Tanti struck again with his famous problem games. This last debrief

Yesterday evening on W9 was the first part of the problem game for “Marseillais vs. the rest of the World 5”. A concept signed Julien Tanti!

The least we can say is that Julien Tanti is very proud of this evening, which he is behind. Indeed, the latter commented on the images live on his Snapchat account. Thus, he admits to having had “chills” while watching the episode!

But that’s not all ! Julien Tanti also wanted to debrief with TéléLoisirs. First, Marseille explains how they organized this problem game: “Everything starts from the problem book. Throughout the season, I note. I make little reports from time to time, I say to myself “Hey, that person is gone, it might be good for her to come back”, etc … After I talk to the production, I submit ideas. They validate or not. It’s a discussion between them and me, even if we’re not going to lie to each other, they are stronger than me. Behind this whole problem game is the Problem Log, there is the work I have done since day one of filming. This year has been euphoria. When we saw all the twists and turns this season, we figured if Victoria came back, when she hadn’t seen Paga in months, it would spark. A few days earlier, Mujdat had arrived as a bachelor while Milla had left the adventure to join him. A blessed bath for me ”.


Julien Tanti continues: “When the production gave me the date for the evening of the problems, I was stressed for two days. I was circling around the villa. During the two days leading up to the evening, I don’t think about the competition at all, I just think about the problem game. I take this evening so seriously that I was afraid I would not be ready. I give myself 1 million%. We have to think about the questions, the who, the what, the how ”.

When one of the journalists asks the young man if the problem game is inescapable, he replies: “It was already an important moment in the show but with what we experienced yesterday it will become essential. I will maybe do two per adventure from now on (laughs) “.

However, the Marseillais intends to set limits: “it must still remain an evening where all the candidates want to come and play. That’s why they all write questions. It makes them want to participate. Afterwards, you know, all the questions don’t come out. Some are not interesting for the public so I obviously sort. If a question comes up a few times, I honestly leave it because I think there is a problem that needs to be addressed. ”

Either way, the problem game has struck again. Since the previous day’s episode drew no less than 1.12 million viewers! We say thank you Julien Tanti!


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