Julie Chen Reveals Big Brother 24 Theme & Teases Nighttime Twist with Eviction


The wait for fans has come to an end, as the premiere of “Big Brother 24″ will soon take place, and host Julie Chen Moonves revealed the theme of the season and teased the turn of the eviction night, which can change the game from the very beginning. Until now, details about the season have been kept secret, but fans know that the premiere will be 90 minutes with a live broadcast. Live broadcasts will begin on the night of the premiere at 12:30 Eastern Standard time / 9:30 pm. PACIFIC SUMMER TIME.

As in the previous two seasons, Big Brother 24 won’t have a live audience, presumably due to COVID-19 protocols, but that may change as the season progresses. There will be 16 brand new guests in the cast, with no returning actors. The season will last 82 days and will end with the final on September 25. The grand prize, which was increased to $750,000 in season 23, will remain the same.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Julie shared the theme of “Big Brother 24” and teased the twist of this season’s first live eviction. She said, “We always say, expect the unexpected, but this is really a new level that we’ve never done before. It will keep all of us in suspense, not only the guests of the house, but also us, the audience.” Julie said that the theme of “Big Brother 24” is “BB Festival”. She said there will be different themes every week during the summer, such as a music festival, a comedy festival and a Renaissance festival, but her personal favorite “will be Zing Fest. At least he’ll be the funniest. “Julie said she hasn’t been to the Big Brother house yet because of the COVID-19 protocols, but she knows that the theme is “retro” and “very Palm Springs, the midcentury Palm Springs feel is neon lights.” We call it “BB Motel”. She added that two major changes have taken place in the house this year: a tiki bar on the bridge upstairs outside the HOH suite and a gym that looks like an exercise bike with lots of bikes and a rowing machine. .

Julie also teased that there will be brand new challenges that fans have never seen before, and that the “big headline” for “Big Brother 24” is that the first night of the live eviction will be unlike any that have ever been on the show. That’s because “it might not be one of those people that you think will eventually bounce back that night. These guests won’t find out about this new perverse twist until that night. So your head will be spinning this season. “Julie confirmed that if a guest is in the block, it does not necessarily mean that he is going home. She stated that the twist will not be revealed on the night of the premiere, but instead viewers will find out the details “probably earlier, at one o’clock in the morning of the live eviction,” and guests will find out about it later in the episode. While Julie wasn’t sure how long this turnaround would last, she said she thinks it will happen around the first half of “Big Brother 24” because of the numbers. Then she said: “There are so many twists and turns and challenges this season that are so much more difficult that it will be difficult for you to just figure out how to survive in the house.”

“Big Brother 24” seems like it’s going to be an exciting season with new twists of events that will leave fresh news for both house guests and viewers. Fans always love unpredictability, so new challenges and twists will be a welcome change for the show. Whatever happens this season, everyone, as always, should expect the unexpected.