Julián Gil loses his Matías’ parental authority


Julián Gil returned to Mexico to record a new telenovela by Juan Osorio, but not all of this is good news for the veteran actor.

The 50-year-old heartthrob returned from a romantic vacation with his girlfriend, Valeria Marín, in Turkey. Upon his arrival in Mexican territory, he had to go to Mexico City to fulfill his commitment at the hearing to know the result of the parental authority of his son with Marjorie de Sousa.

Full of anger, the one born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, confessed that he lost in court, for which he accused the Venezuelan of a liar, who a few days ago said that the decision that would be made was not final.

“You remember that it was said that the sentence had come out on September 21, I said it, I reconfirmed it, I couldn’t hold it in my hand, I just left the court, the sentence I have in my hand, as I said, it’s a real sentence is firm, not like they said it was not firm.

“Yes, it is firm and I lost my parental authority, I did not lose it, it was taken from me, it was stolen or whatever they want to say,” he said on his Instagram account and the situation that the show program “Venga La Alegría” resumed.

Gil said that he will read in detail the 240 pages on the matter of the loss of his son Matías, because he still does not lose hope of recovering his three-year-old son.

“Isn’t it strange that they don’t talk about this? After almost 4 years accusing me of everything, but don’t they talk about this? They are ashamed that people know that my son’s right to have a father was taken away, “he wrote on his networks along with a photograph of the document.


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