Julian Edelman told why he actually left the NFL


Julian Edelman realized the end had come when he decided to retire shortly before the 2021 NFL Draft.

In 2020, he played only six games due to a knee injury, and after that he changed. In those six games, Edelman confirmed that his game was terrible and knew he needed to give up.

“Tough. To be honest, that’s why I retired,” Edelman said via NESN. “When you start looking old, it’s not even just games, it’s practice, body language. I mean, I threw up. That’s why I had to retire.”

He also added that the players would come for him, so he knew now was the right time to leave.

During his 11-year career, he won four Super Bowls and made 620 receptions for 6,822 yards and 36 touchdowns.

Edelman has flirted with returning to the NFL in the past, but judging by this answer, it doesn’t seem like plans.

The next stop for him may be the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


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