Julian Edelman Doesn’t Rule Out a Comeback: NFL World Reaction


When New England Patriots players retire, they usually don’t stay retired for very long.

Well, that was the case with at least two recent Patriots. Both Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski have announced their retirement from football. Sure, Brady was a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the time, but he’s still a former Patriot.

Now another retired Patriots player can join them. In a recent interview, retired receiver Julian Edelman said he feels good and does not rule out returning to the NFL.

My body feels good. There are some shortcomings here and there, but I feel much better than in the last year and a half of my career,” he said. and you analyze it. You don’t make decisions. And that’s what I do.”

Naturally, his comments caused a real stir on social networks. Patriots fans only want him to play in New England.

“Jules keeps teasing a comeback and it’s great and all that, but if he comes back and goes anywhere but the Patriots, I’ll have a bunch of emotions,” one fan said.

“Don’t hurt me, Jules,” another Patriots fan said.

Will Edelman return to the NFL?


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