Julia Siegel laughs at her failed photoshop


Julia Siegel (47) can laugh at herself! The daughter of Ralph Siegel (76) recently attracted more media attention when she and her partner Ludwig Heer (41) attended a VIP Temptation Island party. was present. After that, DJane was a candidate for celebrity under the palm trees. However, the show was discontinued due to the death of Willy Herren ( ✝ 45). Now Julia entertains her followers mainly on Instagram. Now she wanted to show her fans an edited photo of herself and her partner, but the retouching went terribly wrong!

Julia presented a photoshop file on Instagram and proved: a moderator can laugh at himself! “I wanted to make the photo sharper using the app. I laugh myself half to death every time I look at a photo,” the 47—year-old woman could not come to her senses while she presented the original photo and the edited image to her subscribers. In the photoshopped picture, her partner Ludwig can still be seen with a lot of imagination, and Julia looks like a completely different person.

With this post, Julia also made her community smile. “I’ve always had a special taste for women,” Ludwig himself joked about the edited photo. Yasin Mohamed (31 years old), Mimi Fiedler (47 years old) and Papis Loveday (45 years old) laughed at Julia’s funny post.


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