Julia Roberts tells why acting is not her goal Everything, be everything: “Not my only dream came true”


Julia Roberts is Hollywood royalty in every sense, and she has the recognition, box office receipts, and accolades to back up this performance. The Oscar winner has spent more than four decades entertaining the masses through film and television. But despite her long-term presence in Hollywood, acting is not the main factor for Roberts. The “Ticket to Paradise” actress recently explained why acting is not her “only dream come true.”

The Hollywood icon made the revelation while talking to CBS Sunday Morning (via CBS News). In the 90s and early 2000s, Roberts broke the glass ceiling as the highest-paid actress in Hollywood, as she had several hit films under her belt. But everything changed for her when she met cinematographer Danny Moder, her 20-year-old husband, during the filming of “The Mexican.” The “Beauty” star said in a recent interview that her career is still a priority, but not equal to her family. According to her:

I’ve just never been absorbed by being an actor. This is my dream. But this is not my only dream come true.

It’s interesting to hear that the star doesn’t pay too much attention to her profession, especially considering how successful she is. But looking at her career since the 2000s, her outings have become less frequent since she and her husband started building a family. The couple welcomed three children in the mid-2000s, around the time fans saw her career slow down. In general, one can definitely understand why being a mother and wife has become a higher priority for her.

Of course, like any person, the Oscar winner has other goals to which she aspires. And it seems that being a mother and wife was just as rewarding as her noteworthy acting career, if not more. Julia Roberts continued:

The life I built with my husband. The life we have built together with our children. And this is the best thing, to return home at the end of the day in triumph to them.

Building a life outside of entertainment is what Julia Roberts needs after years of participating in the rat race. Despite the fact that she and her husband both work in Hollywood, they managed to do what, according to some stars, they struggled with — to separate their personal and professional lives. And in an industry as complex as this, it deserves praise.

Part of her peace of mind seems to come from the fact that her children are not in the spotlight, as keeping them out of it seems to have created another layer of anonymity for the actress’ personal life. Many celebrities have taken measures to protect their children, and it seems that this is no different from the graduates of Ocean’s Eleven.

It seems, indeed, that Julia Roberts’ career has taken off in recent years as she has taken on new and exciting roles in film and television. Most recently, the 54-year-old actress has just returned to the romantic comedy game with “Ticket to Heaven,” in a role that allowed her to be sarcastic with frequent film partner George Clooney. Even before the romantic comedy was released in the US, the Roberts/Clooney star had already reached an important milestone internationally. This is a serious achievement, but judging by her comments, Roberts is probably more proud of the achievements of her husband and their children.

“Ticket to Paradise”, which received mixed reviews, will be released in U.S. theaters on October 21. In the meantime, you can ease your wait by watching some of Julia Roberts’ best movies. Also, don’t forget to check out other major upcoming films that will premiere in 2022.


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