Julia Roberts and George Clooney have a “ticket” to a new milestone


A ticket to paradise with a universal/working title, the last collaboration of Julia Roberts and George Clooney on the big screen, led the duo to a new milestone. The five films in which the megastars worked together have grossed a total of $1 billion worldwide.

These are “Ocean’s Eleven Friends” in 2001 ($451.5 million), “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” in 2003 ($36.9 million), “Ocean’s Twelve Friends” in 2004 ($364.3 million), “Financial Monster” in 2016 ($93.9 million) and the current issue of “Ticket to Paradise” (60.6 million dollars abroad today). for a total amount of $1.007 billion.

Separately, “The Ticket” is Roberts’ biggest film at the international box office since “Miracle” in 2017 and Clooney’s biggest foreign film since “Monument People” in 2016.

Directed by Ol Parker, “Ticket to Paradise” moved offshore for $60 million this weekend. Domestic flights are due to open on October 21.

The romantic comedy about a divorced couple who team up and travel to Bali to prevent their daughter from making the same mistake they made 25 years ago added 16 markets in this session, for a total of 74 currently released, and grossed an additional $10.6 million. He is currently ahead of “The Lost City,” “Gucci House,” and “Last Christmas.”

Thanks to the opening of this session, Ticket has to date taken first place in 48 markets and has become the largest international romantic comedy in which the main characters are over 50 years old, starting with Universal’s own film “It’s Complicated” in 2009.

The island-bustling game has been gaining momentum since its overseas rollout began in early September, bringing back an underrated “old” female demo that was one of the most low-key to return to theaters.


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