Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington in Netflix movie


According to Deadline, Netflix acquired the adaptation rights to the upcoming book Leave The World Behind, written by Rumaan Alam. The drama film will feature Julia Roberts (Pretty Woman) and Denzel Washington (Training Day) as the main characters.

She will be Amanda, a woman on vacation with her husband and teenage children in a rented country home. However, after an unprecedented blackout in the city, the couple who own the place (one of whom lived in Washington) will leave for the same residence in search of refuge.

Due to the lack of light, there will be no equipment available and, therefore, families will not be able to discover any facts from the outside world. As strange crashes destroy peace in the countryside, and animals begin to migrate in strange ways, the group’s physical and mental health will begin to disintegrate.

Tenants are described as white and members of the urban elite, while landlords are black and of the same social class. Throughout the plot, issues of race and conflict will become distractions for alarming problems that will happen around the characters.

According to the website, there was a “war” of offers between different studios and platforms for the project. Thus, the conquest of the streaming service represented a high investment in the adaptation both by the big names in the cast and the production budget.

Leave The World Behind will be directed by Sam Esmail (Homecoming: Back to the Fatherland), but there is still no forecast for the start of filming and premiere.

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