Julia Fox’s comments about “Thirsty” Cara Delevingne Resurface after Viral Billboard Music Awards


Another point of view. After Cara Delevingne’s behavior at the Billboard Music Awards ceremony became a topic of conversation among social media users, Julia Fox’s memories of her interaction with the model surfaced.

Back in November 2021, 32-year-old Fox spoke about her experience at an Azilia Banks concert, where 29-year-old Delevingne unexpectedly appeared. On Monday, May 16, a social network user took to Twitter to return to the story that Fox and Niki Takesh told in their podcast at the end of last year.

“The craziest thing happened,” 30—year-old Takesh recalled during an episode of Forbidden Fruits. “We’re looking at Azilia Banks and, like, looking towards the stage, we were kind of close ahead. And we see this man trying to push past the guards.”

The duo recalled how the native of the UK allegedly tried to go on stage during the performance of the 30-year-old Banks. After security prevented her from approaching the singer, Fox stated that Delevingne went on stage to attract Banks’ attention.

“We realized very quickly that Kara had reached a dead end,” the actress said in the episode, noting that Delevingne “fell backwards” on stage and later fell into the crowd. “It was so crazy. I could tell by Azilia’s face, she was kind of over it. She said: “Okay, give me a minute.”

The star of “Uncut Jewels” at the end of the story called Delevingne’s behavior “thirst”. After an excerpt from the podcast appeared online again, a fan shared a clip of the Suicide Squad star pretending to lick Banks’ feet at a concert as she sang for the crowd.

The discussion on social media began a few days after Delevingne hit the headlines about her appearance at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, May 15. Fans wondered why the star of “Paper Towns” was noticed next to Megan T Stallion all night.

Initially, Delevingne appeared on the red carpet with encouraging words to the 27-year-old rapper. Later, she repeatedly lifted the Texas native’s skirt during a photo shoot. Later in the evening, Delevingne sat down next to Megan and Dodge Kat — only to be removed from the frame when the “Sweetest Pie” rapper shared a photo on Instagram.

On the same day, a Twitter user wrote: “Cara Delevingne’s behavior so outweighs all my embarrassing actions that I think she has relieved me of anxiety.”

Another follower asked if Delevingne and Megan were friends, tweeting: “Why in every media I see about Meghan at this award, I see Cara Delevingne 5 inches away from her.”