Julia Fox Stunned by TikToker’s Viral Anti-Aging Hack “Skin Tape”


Actress and model Julia Fox was very impressed with one viral anti-aging TikToker hack using duct tape to hold her face overnight, but there were no commenters.

TikTok is a paradise for fashion and beauty tricks. However, some of these so-called “hacks” are a bit more complicated than others… and some are just confusing.

In fact, some of these beauty tips have been criticized by TikTok viewers, such as when one user stated that she “trained” her facial muscles to stop them moving to prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Now another TikToker has introduced her method of fighting smile wrinkles — and she does it by fighting gravity with a facial tape.

TikTok user Valerie “officially” says that for some time she has been recording her face at night to combat facial asymmetry and wrinkles.

In particular, she uses a skin tape, which is usually used for first aid bandages. When using the patch at night, Valerie claims that her wrinkles are “not as strong” as usual when she wakes up in the morning.


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“It seems to me that at night, when I sleep, it seems to me that I wrinkle my face, because sometimes I wake up with one fine wrinkle, and I think, where is this from?” said the influencer. “So I wrote it down here and I wake up without any wrinkles.”

Julia Fox reacted to TikTok’s viral beauty hack with face taping

Valerie’s clip in TikTok at the time of writing has gained more than 2.6 million views and even attracted the attention of actress and model Julia Fox, who admitted that she also uses this trick to fight aging.

“Omggg, I thought I was the only one who did this,” she wrote in a comment.

However, many viewers were not enthusiastic about Valerie’s anti-aging method, and quite a few commentators advised the influential woman to “free herself” from beauty standards and enjoy aging.

“Girl, get free,” one user wrote. “You’re beautiful.”

“…getting old is normal,” another commented. “It’s all right.”

Valerie has since responded to some critical comments on her post, saying in response to one user’s advice: “Aging is a privilege. Don’t take the name too seriously, aging is fine.”

This is just the latest beauty tip that has drawn criticism after experts warned against using calamine lotion on the face as a makeup base.


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