Julia Fox as Lady Gaga in sky-high platform shoes


Every time Julia Fox leaves the house, it seems that she can’t help but convey the moment. The 32-year-old “Uncut Jewels” star proved it again over the weekend when she stepped out in New York in an ivory silk slip dress by Stockholm designer Jade Cropper. While generally telling, it was long enough to cover the sidewalk if not for her high stilettos. Which she seems to have worn with the same ease as Lady Gaga, who has been known to wear shoes for years.

The look immediately turned out to be so controversial that it quickly became a literal “moment” on Twitter. “Julia Fox graduated from Lady Gaga’s school, and I’m LIVING it,” one user wrote. Another was so thrilled that it inspired them to create a separate Twitter account entirely dedicated to Fox and her personal style. But for some, the comparison with Gaga was too much. “Please never put Julia Fox on a par with Lady Gaga,” one of the responses read. “Just don’t.” However, there was one thing that everyone seemed to agree on: it was a welcome change to see Fox without her trademark raccoon eyes.


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