Jul: You’re kidding with the video clip for “Ca se fait pas”!


Nothing seems to be able to stop the machine for Jul. With the approach of the release of his new album, this last one connects the feats!

At the origin of the Organized Band cardboard and the Organized 13 project, Jul does not seem to stop going.

While his album “The Machine” was released last June, the rapper has already announced that he will be back soon with his upcoming project, “Far from the World”.

For the occasion, Jul calls on his fans to design the album cover. Remember, the first competition got a lot of feedback. It had also made it possible to highlight the talent of many graphic designers on the networks.

We can imagine that this project will come out very quickly, since in his message, Jul specifies that he needs a validated cover before November 15 max. We look forward !

Jul: Mister You tease le clip de leur nouveau feat «Ça se fait pas» !


Alongside this album, Jul appears on many feats, with headliners and new talent. Indeed, 3 weeks ago, the Marseille artist posed alongside Poupie, a young singer known through the program “The Voice”.

A validated collab since the video has been viewed over 800,000 times and received many encouraging comments. And it’s not nothing !

However, Jul returns on Friday for a new feat with Mister You. This is the second after “Marseille-Paris”, released in 2014.

In order to keep its audience patient, Yougata has just unveiled a teaser of the clip on YouTube. And the least that can be said is that their fans seem to be eager to check out the music video.

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Indeed, Mister You shared a screenshot, as a Story from his Instagram account. In caption, the latter writes: “11ᵉ trends on a teaser @juldetp”.

So, if the teaser appears this high on the TOP, what about the full version? To be continued !


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