Jul unveils the covers of his most liked future album!


On his Instagram account, Jul has just unveiled which were the covers of his future album “Far from the world” the most liked

Only a few months that “La Machine” is available. However, Jul does intend to offer a new album to his fans. As surprising as it may seem, the Marseille artist seems to have found the time to write despite his crazy year. However, he didn’t have time to design the pouches for his next baby. That’s why he asked his fans for help.

If we are surprised to see a new album of “UFO” coming out, it’s simply because 2020 was a very busy year for him. Not to mention the Covid-19, the rapper has, as we let you know, already released a project a very short time ago. But that’s not all.

Everyone knows that Jul was also successful thanks to his project “13 Organized” bringing together former rappers from the Phocaean city, as well as current ones. An idea that took a long time to set up and materialize.

But when your name is Jul, nothing seems too difficult to do. We can succeed, in a single year, in releasing two albums and carrying out a project that has been creating the buzz for several weeks.

Although, as we let you know, the rapper still asked his fans for the cover of his album.


If you know the rapper at all, you probably know that this is not the first time he’s done this. Indeed, for “The Machine”, he had already appealed to the talent of his fans.

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Jul completely amazed by the incredible talent of his fans!

Apparently very satisfied with the ideas of some, Jul therefore wanted to start again to involve them for his new project. A way for him to include them in his work and to thank them for all the love they give him.

Well, as you will be able to see below, its fanbase makes it pretty good. Just take a look at the various creations of some. To see all the talent the “UFO” community possesses.

Jul can rest easy. He already knows that he will be able to appeal to his fans for every cover.


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