Jul strengthens Elams and Hatik’s new music video La Vida


On his Instagram account, Jul has just given strength to his friend and colleague Elams, for the release of his clip in feat with Hatik

If anyone still doubts Jul’s generosity, we invite you to read what follows. Indeed, “The UFO” has once again brought strength to his friend Elams. On the occasion of the release of his latest music video with Hatik.

We didn’t really need this gesture to know how much the Marseille rapper had his heart on his sleeve. But we must admit that this reinforces what we thought of him a little more.

Certainly, most will tell us that this is not enough to prove that Jul remains a generous rapper. But to them, we can tell them about the “Organized 13” project. A project built by “L’OVNI” himself, in which he brings together all the generations of rappers from Marseille.

Proof that he is proud of his city and does not hesitate to highlight those he loves. Besides, this love seems to be shared by his fans. Otherwise, this project would never have been as successful as it is today.

Now it remains to be seen whether Elams and Hatik’s title “La Vida” will meet the same success as “Organized 13”. Jul seems to want it anyway.


Just look at the post above to see it. As we let you know “The UFO” has chosen to give strength to his friend with whom he collaborates in “Organized Band”. But also to the star of the first season of Validé.

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In fact, many Jul fans are hoping for a feat with Hatik in the coming months. For now, the rapper from the Phocaean city is arguably more focused on his new project. “Far from the world” soon to see the light of day.

We would like to remind you for the occasion, if graphic designers are present among our readers, that the cover of his new album will once again be made by a fan. If you have talent, then give it a try.

Jul having made the choice to leave the marketing side to his fanbase.


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