Jul SCH is proud to be in the Top 1 with his success!


While he excels in soloing, Jul is also very good at his collaborations. The latest? His feat with the rapper SCH!

Like any artist, Jul saw his year disrupted by Covid-19. However, he did not slow down.

In fact, Jul gave his audience the album La Machine last June. Very quickly, the rapper completed a project called 13’Organized. Released in October, it was for the rapper to bring together many artists from Marseille.

So many successes that did not change his plans. Indeed, the artist had promised at the beginning of the year that he would also release a new solo album in December. And it is now done!

Aside from his near-lunar launch live, Jul’s album line-up also seems to have thrilled his fans.


If, so far, all these opus have been rewarded, Jul seems to be satisfied with the success of his latest feat with SCH. Obviously, the title M * ther F ** k 1er is taken from Loin du Monde. But it is above all the first collaboration between the two artists.

Because although they have become two essential figures of French rap, the J and the S had never found themselves on a common track before the 13’Organisé project.

And it seems to have worked pretty well. Indeed, on Twitter, Jul has just shared a post from the @VentesFRap account which says: “Jul & SCH enter first place in the Top Singles with“ Mother Fuck ”(via @snep)! 3.7M streams equivalent ”.

Obviously very happy with the news, the rapper from Marseille was quick to show his joy. Thus, in the caption, he exclaims: “Grrrrraaaaa”.

His fans also wanted to congratulate him. Thus, we can read comments such as “Normal you are the best” or “Let it continue like this for the future”.

Congratulations to Jul and SCH therefore!


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