Jul: Kalash Criminel hails the Marseille rapper!


In an interview with RapElite, Kalash Criminel praised the success of Marseille rapper Jul but also other artists

When will Jul stop surprising us? Not right away anyway. Indeed, each year, he manages to release a project and explode the records. On top of that, “The UFO” remains popular with everyone. A success that Kalash Criminel fully understands.

Indeed, the rapper with the hood gave an interview to Rap Elite a few days ago. It was during this interview that he expressed his admiration for the artist from Marseille. An artist who is bursting with ideas and who could still surprise us.

Some time ago, Jul broke some funny news. Indeed, as he confided in Konbini, he let it be known that he was going to crack France. In what way? No one knows yet.

But the rapper does seem to know where he’s going: “I’ve got some ideas going on in my head and no one is ready. I can’t talk about it right away, but the only thing I can say is that next year France is going to crack. Expect an earthquake ”.

Is Jul going to send us a new album in a few weeks? It could well be.


In any case, if there is one that will listen to the rapper’s new tracks if they ever see the light of day, it would be Kalash Criminel. As we let you know, the hooded rapper praised “THE UFO” but not only.

He spoke of Jul, of course, but also of other popular rappers, indicating why they were popular and broke records. According to him, there would be a specific reason for this:

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“I understand why guys like Nekfeu, Damso or Jul even Bigflo and Oli are so successful. Because humanly already they are endearing guys. You have to love them even if you don’t like music. ”

Words that will undoubtedly please Jul and all the other rappers mentioned.


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