Jul is still amazed his “expect an earthquake” fans!


In an interview with Konbini, JuL teased the plans he has for 2021! One thing is certain, the man is preparing heavy!

JuL is not about to stop! Indeed, after “The Machine” and the success of “13 organized”, the rapper is preparing very heavy for 2021!

It’s no secret that JuL is super productive! Indeed, the Marseillais rapper always has a project on the fire! Thus, during an interview with our colleagues from Konbini, the latter said more!

“I have ideas heating up in my head and no one is ready. I can’t talk about it right away, but the only thing I can say is that next year France is going to crack. Expect an earthquake. ”

So teased JuL. Words that have something to leave fans of the JCVD ​​interpreter very perplexed! Indeed, the rapper definitely does not intend to rest on his laurels in 2021!


In the interview that JuL gave to Konbini, the rapper also indicated the reason why he wanted to bring together several rappers on a project for a 100% Marseille album! An initiative that is paying off today since the album “13 organized” is now a gold record!

“That was the first thing I said when I opened the WhatsApp group, ‘I would like everyone to share, that as soon as someone pulls something out, everyone brings it up.” And that’s what they all do. It is Marseille solidarity. »Said the rapper.

“You have to be as united as possible so that everyone can move forward. In music, there is room, there are things to do. If I managed to infuse that, I’m happy. It feels good and it’s nice to see that in Marseille everyone is pushing themselves “, thus congratulated JuL.

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