Jul is part of an event documentary about Marseille rap!


Jul and his friends will figure in a documentary, broadcast this Saturday, November 14 on France 5 and November 16 on France 3.

His goal was to pay homage to Marseille, so he succeeded … You will therefore have the opportunity to meet Jul for a special documentary around rap in the city of Marseille.

Indeed, the city of Marseille is one of the pioneer cities in the introduction and dissemination of rap in France. Directors Gilles Rof and Daarwin have therefore taken on the challenge of retracing the history of this movement, in an ambitious documentary.

To achieve “From IAM to JuL, Marseille, the rap capital”, they decided to invite the great Marseille rap family. Namely Soprano, the Fonky Family, SCH, Keny Arkana, Alonzo, Soso Maness, Kofs, Bouga and Jul, of course.

On the program, interviews with stars and unexpected witnesses, archive footage and current footage shot in the privacy of rappers.

See you this Saturday, November 14 at 10:30 p.m. on France 5 and November 16 at 10:40 p.m. on France 3 Provence-Alpes-Côte d´Azur!


If Jul has established himself as a major rap figure, it is above all thanks to his closeness to his fans that he considers himself to be equal.

In May, for example, he invited his community to participate in a big contest. The goal ? Determine the cover of his new project “La machine”. Just that !

The project partly allowed many talents to showcase their immense work as well as two winners to cover the front and back of the rapper’s new project.

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As he prepares to announce a new album, “Far from the World”, Jul wanted to put the cover back! “My team I hope Sava? I need you !!! I need an album cover before November 15th validated !!! I’ll let you manage everything, choose everything like last time … The title is FAR FROM THE WORLD “he wrote on his social networks on November 5th.

An initiative that gave rise to an armada of trolls, each one funnier than the other! To be continued !


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