Jul Ghetto supports Phenomena “As before”!


On the strength of his notoriety, Jul supports the group Ghetto Phenomenon on Instagram for the release of their album “C’est plus comme avant”.

You were waiting for it, it is finally coming! Ghetto Phenomena is rocking their brand new album called It’s More Like Before. On Instagram, Jul then brought his support to the Marseille group.

Very active on social networks, Jul is the delight of his millions of fans. With it, Internet users have no time to be bored!

Every day, the famous rapper from Marseille feeds his various accounts with exclusive content. And yet, there is plenty to do.

New announcements and excerpts from his tracks, fans follow the news of their idol in droves! He has nearly 2.5 million followers on Instagram.

Not long ago, Jul made the buzz by once again enlisting the help of his audience for the creation of his new album cover.

But that’s not all ! Tonight, the On me call the UFO singer announced the release of the new Ghetto Phenomenon project.


Not long ago, Jul fed his Instagram story with a brand new unpublished post. Something to delight his many fans!

The very famous rapper from Marseille, initiator of the 13 Organisé collective, announces the release of the new album by the group Ghetto Phenomena.

As you probably know, so it’s about It’s more like before. And for once, the opus sends very heavy!

There are also some very big headliners such as Koffs, Alonzo and Jul. Yes, you did hear!

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We let you take a look at the Instagram story of the UFO, but especially at the new album of Ghetto Phenomena!


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