Jul completely amazed by the incredible talent of his fans!


On his Twitter account, Jul expressed his admiration for the talent of his fans after asking them to design his album cover

A few days ago, Jul announced great news to all his fans. As at the time of the release of his album “La Machine”, he asked them to design the cover of his next project. Well, according to his reaction on Twitter, some creations would be superb.

Indeed, if you weren’t aware “UFO” seems to want to release a new album in a few days. In any case, this is what he suggested on his Instagram account when he asked his followers to put their hand in the paw.

Because yes, since one of his subscribers made the cover of his last album, Jul seems not to want to do without the talent of his fanbase. It must be said that the result was more than successful. This is why, it’s not really surprising to see the rapper repeat his experience:

“My team I hope you are doing well? I need you !! I need an album cover before November 15th! I’ll let you manage everything, choose everything, like last time … The title is Far from the World. ”

Let Jul know on social media. Several days after passing the announcement, he gave news to let people know how surprised he was by the talent in his community.


Certainly, the artist knew he had many talents among his followers. But maybe not at this point. Because his reaction on Twitter proves how surprised he was when he saw the first cover designs arrive:

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“The truth is all the beautiful cover you do is crazy !!! The choice will be hard … But it will be yours like the last time. I think in two days we will start the cover votes! Jul rocked.

Now, we too are eager to discover the creations. As for the previous project, Jul should unveil 4 to his audience who would then vote for his favorite.

It remains to be seen which one will be chosen.


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