Jul and SCH have reunited to shoot the music video!


After the huge success of “Organized 13”, Jul and SCH would prepare a brand new feat. They would have shot the clip last night!

Jul has not finished surprising his fans! Indeed, the rapper would have recorded a featuring with SCH.

“JUL x SCH. A feat was recorded between the two Marseille rappers! ”The @Kulturlesite Twitter account actually announced.

As a comment to this post, the account added a video of the shoot, while specifying that the clip was allegedly shot that night.

Information which therefore did not fail to make the fans of the two rappers react… “I’m too happy!”, “It’s going to be incredible”, “Best sound of the coming decade”, “Olalala I vibrate” are a few comments that we can read under the Tweet.

One internet user even announces a diamond disc, even though neither Jul nor SCH has made an official announcement …

Either way, Jul has hinted that some heavy lifting will come by the end of the year. To be continued !


After the success of his “Organized 13” project, Jul doesn’t seem to want to take a vacation! The rapper has also announced the release of the clip “I am Marseille” today!

But that’s not all ! Jul is also working on the release of his new album. Indeed, the Marseillais launched a competition for his next cover.

And the verdict shouldn’t be long. “Tomorrow at noon, I’ll announce the winners of the cover. I’ll take 2. One for the front, one for the back, “he just posted on his Instagram account.

He continues with an adorable statement to his fans: “I wanted to say thank you to all of you, you did a crazy job! A big respect to all those who worked on this contest !! It’s not over, I will continue to do this for the covers because I am enjoying it. I see sleeves, I want to keep them for myself so much I feel in them. You are killers. Thanks again to teamjul for being here too. You know I can’t thank you enough for all this support !! The only thing I can do is make you look good !!!! Thank you to those who did not let go! “. So cute !

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