Jul: 8 rappers from Marseille took over Bande Organisée!


Jul has inspired more than one! Indeed, many groups have resumed its title “Organized Band”. Starting with these 8 committed rappers!

Unsurprisingly, the most streamed title of 2020 is “Organized Gang” by Jul and his gang. But the latter could well have competition …

“Organized Band” is the hit of the summer … maybe even of the year! Thus, he has more than 175 million views on YouTube.

However, not a single woman has been invited to Jul’s feat. An element that proves that they are under-represented in rap. Fortunately, on the album “Organized 13”, at least one woman is on it. This is Keny Arkana!

In order to denounce this fact, 8 Marseille rappers (Tehila Ora, Ladyland, Lil So, Saaphyra, Veemie, Léna Morgan, Mina West and Mely) made a female remix of the song. Which probably worked since the Youtube video has been viewed over 335,000 times.


Tehila Ora confides in 20 minutes: “It’s simple: we, the Marseille rappers, we are downright transparent”. “They see us nowhere” and “they prefer to party with Parisians that call us” she added.

For his part, Lil So explains: “I’ve been doing rap for 12 years. I made Skyrock, clips that have made millions of views, and frankly, it’s difficult to break through when you’re a girl in a middle of men… However, me, I’m a girl from La Castellane, I’ve seen things in my life, I don’t rap like a girl! “.

Then she continues: “I accepted, because for me, through this clip, it was a way of sticking together, between us, because clearly, otherwise, no one will help us and give us the light.”

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However, this remix has made people talk a lot. Ladyland reveals, “I got some crazy stuff from these social media messages. Messages that told me that the place of women is in the kitchen … When I was in the world of jazz or soul, I had never experienced that “.

The media also interviewed Gilles Rof, director of the documentary “Marseille Capitale rap, from IAM to Jul”. “When I ask them the question, they all find that there are more guys than girls in rap, but that’s not unique to rap. For example, are there more girls and guys in rock? And then, is it because there are fewer girls that it’s a macho environment? He asks himself.

“Even when I asked Keny Arkana about it, for her it wasn’t a topic,” says the director. He says Jul and her gang have enormous respect for her and her talent.


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