Jujutsu Kaisen: The 10 Best Episodes According to IMDB


Jujutsu Kaisen: If there is an anime that is on the rise among all lovers of the genre, it is Jujutsu Kaisen. In recent months, animation has won a legion of fans and has become one of the most watched titles, even released less than a year ago. With the end of the 1st season, IMDB has already consolidated which were the best episodes.

So, how about remembering the most memorable chapters of this electrifying story?

See what are the 10 best Jujutsu Kaisen episodes according to IMDB:

10. Episode 17: Kyoto sister school exchange – Group Battle 3 (9.1/10)

In this episode, anime fans discovered how strong Maki is. She was underestimated for not having her energy cursed, but it doesn’t take long for her to confront Kasumi and even Momo. With this, we discover that this cursed energy is not always essential to be a strong fighter.

9. Episode 4: Death to the cursed fetus (9.2/10)

In episode 4, Yuji and Nobara need to rescue survivors from a detention center. When Nobara separates from the group, Yuji and Megumi need to find the Finger Carrier of a special class. Even defeated, Yuji is willing to fight the Curse so that Megumi can find Nobara again. With a lot of action, it is, without a doubt, one of the best episodes of the anime.

8. Episode 18: Sage (9.2/10)

Megumi and Noritoshi battle inside a castle when Toge appears, followed by the Hanami Curse. At the same time, several cursed energy users build a barrier on campus, preventing Satoru from participating in the fight. The Curse promises to kill everyone and it takes a lot of strength to get rid of it.

7. Episode 23: The Origin of Blind Obedience (9.3/10)

In the penultimate episode of Jujutsu Kaisen, Yuji and Nobara face Eso and Kechizu while Megumi deals with the Finger Bearer, a resident of the Yasohachi Bridge.

When she is about to give up, Megumi remembers Satoru’s advice and uses her domain expansion to defeat her opponent.

6. Episode 7: Attack (9.5/10)

In Attack, Gojo is tricked by Game, but Game cannot hurt him. Unperturbed, Gojo reveals the secret behind his technique, managing to manipulate space on an atomic level. It’s in this episode that we accept his post as the most powerful wizard in the world!

5. Episode 13: Tomorrow (9.5/10)

Yuji is upset that he couldn’t save Yoshino. Therefore, he takes out his anger on Mahito, forcing the character to arrest Nanami and evade the attacks. However, Yuji manages to force the barrier and defeat the Curse, bringing one of Jujutsu Kaisen’s most epic battles.

4. Episode 12: For You, Someday (9.6/10)

Yuji and Yoshino’s friendship is tested after Mahito puts his plan into action. Upon erecting a barrier around the school, Mahito causes a battle and Yoshino is wounded, transforming into a monster in front of Yuji.

3. Episode 19: Black Glow (9.6/10)

After training with Aoi, Yuji is finally able to show off his new technique, Black Flash. He can injure Hanami and she is forced to uncover her second arm, proving to be a much stronger opponent than we expected.

2. Episode 24: Accomplices (9.6/10)

Another of the best Jujutsu Kaisen episodes is the season finale of the season Yuji and Nobara continue to battle the Cursed Fetus and get injured in combat. However, Yuji is resistant to the poison and Nobara manages to reverse the situation. In the end, Yuji, Nobara, Megumi, Maki and Pana are promoted to first degree sorcerers.

1. Episode 20: Non-standard (9.8/10)

Finally, we cannot fail to mention the episode that portrays the end of the battle between Hanami, Aoi and Todo. Yuji and Aoi manage to launch several attacks against the Curse, but she survives and is only defeated when Satoru breaks the barrier that prevented him from participating in the fight.

So, which of these Jujutsu Kaisen episodes was your favorite? Leave your comment below and share the list on social media!


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