Juggernaut’s Death Proved That the Avenger in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Can Kill Him


Juggernaut is one of the most powerful characters in the entire Marvel universe, possessing superhuman strength, endurance and irresistible inertia. However, even with all his power, Juggernaut can apparently be defeated fairly easily, as his death proved that the shocking MCU Avenger can destroy him.

The death of Cain Marco took place in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, also known as Earth-1610, an imprint used to tell modern stories free from the vast Marvel history. On Earth-1610, Marco was actually born a mutant, and his size, strength, and near-invulnerability were in his genes, not in the mystical stone. However, the Ultimate Universe version of Juggernaut was not deprived of his moment with Cittorak just because he was already a mutant, as this version also came into contact with the crimson stone, which exponentially enhanced his powers, making the already powerful Ultimate Juggernaut. just as supernaturally strong as the original, if not more.

In Ultimate X-Men #99 by Aron E. Colate, Mark Brooks, and Dan Panosian, Rogue interrogates Sabretooth and Juggernaut in an attempt to find Magneto’s whereabouts. However, the interrogation is interrupted after Rogue receives a distress signal that the X Mansion is being attacked by a small army of anti-mutant extremists. With the lives of mutant children at stake, Rogue frees Sabretooth and Juggernaut, and together they travel to the X Mansion to stop the attackers. Unfortunately, Juggernaut is fatally wounded in a skirmish when he was shot in the eye with a poisoned dart. He is eventually killed after he allows Rogue to absorb all of his remaining life force and strength so she can defeat her enemies, but Juggernaut only allowed her to do so because he was already dying.

Juggernaut fought some of the strongest fighters in the Marvel universe, including the Hulk and Thor, and each time he either emerged victorious or at least survived the fight. Juggernaut even got bumps from DC’s Superman and Wonder Woman during the company’s rare crossovers. The similarities between Ultimate and the main Marvel universes — and the almost identical depictions of both versions of Juggernaut—suggest that both iterations of Cain Marco will be vulnerable to this deadly tactic. Ironically, this means that the Avenger with the most proven ability actually kills the Juggernaut… Hawkeye. In fact— in an earlier story of The Ultimates—Hawkeye was chosen to stop the Hulk using a similar method, injecting the Jade Giant with a special solution using an adamantium-tipped arrow.

It’s almost a cliche when the weakest member of a team of heroes defeats an invincible power station, but even with that in mind, it’s amazing that Hawkeye is so perfect as a death threat to a villain who often brags. be unstoppable. It’s a thrilling moment against the Hawkeye haters that shows that while he may not have the brute strength of other Avengers, sometimes experience and precision are what’s needed against even the most powerful villain.

Hawkeye’s battle with the Hulk proves the fact that properly armed, his accuracy is enough to defeat even the most powerful creatures in the world. Somehow, Hawkeye—the least likely hero one would think might have the slightest chance against Juggernaut—is actually the one Avengers fans saw in the MCU who could easily defeat him.