Judgment Remaster, Next Gen Analysis on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S


Judgment Remaster: We analyze the version for new generation consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X / S of Judgment, the spin-off of the Yakuza saga, by SEGA and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio. The yakuza world has always been an object of fascination for western eyes. Colorful tattoos that cover a large part of the body, eccentric customs and a strong sense of loyalty are just some of the elements that characterize the Japanese mafia. Its origins date back to the seventeenth century, but even today, in the middle of 2021, we are still eager to know its ins and outs. Thanks to Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and SEGA, through the Yakuza saga, we have been able to put ourselves in the shoes of unforgettable characters such as Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima throughout a series of deliveries that already make up a legendary collection.

After the more than remarkable Yakuza: Like a Dragon, which came to say goodbye to 2020, we can now enjoy the remastered version of Judgment for new generation consoles. It is a spin-off of the saga that concerns us, more focused on the suspense thriller genre and the legal field, which we could enjoy for the first time in 2019. A couple of years later it returns with a graphic facelift and technical that suits you great, taking advantage of the particularities that both PS5 and Xbox Series X / S and Google Stadia offer. Recommended for both newcomers and lovers of the saga; we tell you.

The legal side of the Yakuza world

As in any yakuza story worth its salt, the plot that surrounds Takayuki Yagami gives off betrayal, bitterness, and violence. But we start at the beginning. Judgment introduces us to an acclaimed attorney who has just emerged victorious from a complex case. If we take into account that in Japan more than 90% of cases are won by the prosecution (tell Miles Edgeworth), we realize what a feat it entails. The office telephones do not stop ringing and all the voices on the other side of the device demand the same thing: “we want Yagami to represent us.”

However, the situation does not take long to take a ninety degree turn when the face of the man our protagonist saved appears on television. The reason he makes an appearance is unexpected and shocking: he is being arrested for murdering his girlfriend and setting his apartment on fire. With the enormous weight of guilt inside him and the regrets running through his mind, Yagami finally broke down.

Three years later we meet him as a scruffy man who has turned into a tough private detective. Willing to know the truth about all the cases that come before him, be they minor or really significant, his fight will not stop. Accompanied by Masaharu Kaito, a former yakuza, he opens a modest office in Kamurocho’s Chinatown and vows to himself that he will not let the same situation that happened to him repeat itself. He will not have it easy, since a really convoluted case comes up in his encounter. There are already three corpses that have appeared with their eyes gouged out and everything seems to indicate that there is a relationship between them … but which one? It will be the task of our protagonist, and therefore ours, to find out.


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