Judgment Is Free For The Weekend For Gold Subscribers


Judgment: Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be able to play Judgment completely on track over the weekend as part of Xbox’s Free Play Days program.

Free Play Days is an extra attraction for the platform’s paid subscription services, offering different games every weekend for those who want to try. For this one, which starts tomorrow, September 17th, we also have Hunt Showdown and Blood Bowl 2 accompanying Judgment.

Judgment is a successful spin-off from the acclaimed Yakuza series, set in the same universe, but with a new protagonist and a different style of gameplay. The game will have its sequel, Lost Judgment, coming in September even for the new generation, so this free weekend is opportune for those who want to know the series.

Meanwhile, gamers who don’t like the style will have two other very different options with the shooter game Hunt Showdown and the sports satire game Blood Bowl 2.

Xbox Live Gold is currently priced at R$34.99 for a month or R$85.99 for the quarterly plan. Subscription is required to play multiplayer online on most Xbox games.

Meanwhile, the Xbox Game Pass has several plan options, starting at R$29.99 a month for the console-only subscription and going up to R$44.99 a month for adding console, PC and Live Gold subscription on same package.


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